Prop 28: California Voters Pass Term Limit Reform

Voters on Tuesday overwhelmingly supported a ballot initiative in favor of limiting the time state legislators may serve.

Proposition 28 reduces the number of years legislators may serve from 14 years to 12. However, officials could presumably serve those years in a single house. That means this change could potentially increase the time a legislator serves in either the California State Senate or the California State Assembly.

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The California Republican Party, which opposed the initiative, said it is misleading because few lawmakers serve 14-years. The group also argued such legislation would increase time spent by an official in a given house.

Supporters said a strict 12-year limit will make the Legislature more accountable and that it closes a loophole that permitted politicians to serve nearly 17 years beyond the 14 lifetime limit.

As of 12:02 p.m., and with 53 percent of precincts reporting, 63 percent of voters supported the initiative and 37 percent opposed it.

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