Proposition 2012 Cheat Sheet: California's Nov. 6 Election


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With an unusually high number (and variety) of ballot measures qualified for the general election on November 6, voters will be making some fairly momentous decisions, including whether to abolish the death penalty in California, deciding among competing strategies to close the budget gap, and revising the state's Three Strikes Law. To help you make sense of it all, we've put together a series of proposition cheat sheets, complete with summary and analysis, campaign finance data, and the original text of each measure.

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Prop 30: Jerry Brown's Tax Proposal
Gov. Jerry Brown's tax measure would temporarily increase taxes for the richest Californians to help close the budget gap, with money for schools and local public safety programs.

Prop 31: State Budget Process
Prop 31 would introduce a two-year budget cycle, place limits on the state legislature's ability to tax and spend, and give local government greater control over public programs.

Prop 32: Political Contributions
Prop 32 would make three key changes to California's campaign finance rules, including one that could seriously impact the way unions raise money for political funding.

Prop 33: Auto Insurance Rates
Prop 33 would allow insurance companies to offer a "continuous coverage" discount to new customers who already have coverage elsewhere.

Prop 34: Death Penalty Repeal
Say goodbye to the Death Penalty in California if this proposition gets a majority yes-vote from voters.

Prop 35: Human Trafficking/Sex Offender
Prop 35 would introduce much stiffer penalties for convicted sex and labor traffickers, in addition to expanding the definition of human trafficking.

Prop 36: Three Strikes Law
Prop 36 would amend California's Three Strikes Law to shorten the sentencing for some nonviolent offenders.

Prop 37: Genetically Modified Foods
Supporters want to label food that contains genetically engineered material to give consumers more knowledge and choices about what they eat.

Prop 38: Molly Munger's Tax Proposal
Prop 38 would raise the income tax rate on most Californians to help pay for schools and pay down the state's hefty education bond debt.

Prop 39: Multistate Business Tax
Prop 39 would change the way multistate businesses pay taxes in California. The increased revenues would benefit schools and help pay for clean energy retrofitting and alternative energy programs in California.

Prop 40: Redistricting
Prop 40 is a referendum on California's newly redrawn state Senate districts, but the original proponents are no longer seeking to reject them.

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