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Cities are shaped by dynamic visions, both individual and collective. Commentary brings together diverse perspectives on the future of California by looking into its history and generating innovative possibilities to what could be.
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Preparedness Now

The Big One, in Graphic Form

A video depicts the impact of a major earthquake, and encourages preparedness. Now.

Fast, Faster L.A.: Looking at History to Steer Our Future

We hang L.A. history on imperial expansion, of Spain and the United States.

Making Mistakes and the Perfection of Trying Again

Being human isn't about achieving perfection, it's about running aground.

Fading Tinsel: New Report Pictures Trouble in Hollywood

Good jobs will continue to flee Hollywood.

Explainer: Sriracha, Irwindale, and the Politics of Hot Sauce

Sriracha, the almost mythical red sauce made in Irwindale, is actually pretty simple stuff.

Awards, But No Audience: What '12 Years a Slave' Tells Us About America Today

As "12 Years A Slave" demonstrates, the stories we celebrate on screen are not necessarily the ones we celebrate in real life.

After Indictments, 5 Lessons from Ron and Tom Calderon

The several lessons to be learned from the FBI's investigation of Tom and Ron Calderon aren't pretty.

Persistence of Memories at a Roadside Shrine

A community of mourners has maintained a roadside memorial at least since 2008.
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