19 Things You Can Do With KCET Local

Take KCET Local with you everywhere you go.

1 - Refresh the homepage.

2 - Become a fan of KCET Local on Facebook

3 - Become a fan of KCET Web Stories on Facebook.

4 - Follow KCET Local on Twitter.

5 - Join the KCET Local Flickr pool.

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6 - Subscribe to all of KCET Local's blogs in one, easy RSS feed. (Powered by Yahoo Pipes.)

7 - Subscribe to 404 City's RSS feed.

8 - Subscribe to Blur + Sharpen's RSS feed.

9 - Subscribe to Cakewalk's RSS feed.

10 - Subscribe to Movie Miento's RSS feed.

11 - Subscribe to Pixeltown's RSS feed.

12 - Subscribe to The Other Room's RSS feed.

13 - Subscribe to Think Tank LA's RSS feed.

14 - Subscribe to Where We Are's RSS feed.

15 - Subscribe to SoCal Connected's RSS feed.

16 - Subscribe to the KCET Local Events feed.

17 - Add the combined KCET Local blog feed to your RSS reader.


18 - Share KCET Local content by pushing the Yahoo Buzz and "Add This" buttons on every page. The buttons look like this:


19 - Add a widget featuring KCET Local's combined blog feed to your site or blog with this code:

<script src="http://pipes.yahoo.com/js/listbadge.js">{"pipe_id":"VPrn1Fea3RG28bwvBRNMsA","_btype":"list"}</script>

That code will produce a scrolling window like the one below. The window's width will automatically adjust to fill as much space is available, so be careful while positioning it.

Take note: we don't take responsibility for any bodily, psychic or HTML-nal injury resulting from use of this code. (We got it from Yahoo Pipes.) That said, the widget works best in Firefox!

Enjoy KCET Local!

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