A Different Schuller Daughter


Patt Morrison's current Asks L.A. Times Q&A features a chat with Sheila Schuller Coleman, the recently ordained pastor who is the co-head of her famous father Robert's Reformed Church in America, headquartered at the Crystal Cathedral.

Four years ago, TTLA's blogger spoke to a different Schuller daughter, Carol Schuller Milner. The subject? Creation, the new Cathedral pageant she was helming.

The resulting O.C. Weekly feature is here.

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Here's a brief excerpt:

"Throughout Creation, the word "God" is never spoken.

"Instead, Milner has substituted "the presence." She says the George Lucasian phrasing is intended as a term of intimacy.

"It's also supposed to be a term of endearment," Milner says. "My husband is named Tim, and I probably call him Tim three times a year. Otherwise I call him 'Honey.'"

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