Alligator strolls into a Huntington Beach bar!

Making the rounds in the odd news o-sphere, CBS reports that a man brought a leashed alligator into Johnny’s Saloon in beautiful Huntington Beach, which is apparently illegal. I just got off of the phone with a bartender over at Johnny’s and the poor place has been inundated with calls since last Saturday morning, when the unnamed gentleman and his unnamed alligator first patronized the bar.

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If anything this should speak volumes of good for Johnny’s, whose 30+ Yelp reviews make it one of HB’s most highly regarded night dives. Any bar worth bringing an alligator to in the middle of the day is at least worth a beer. If the praise is deserved (which on Yelp is usually a safe bet) it might be worth to brave the risk of reptile-borne dismemberment and stop by for a drink if you’re in the area?

Alligator photo taken by flickr user respres and used under a Creative Commons license.

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