Brain Freeze


My Brain Froze.

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Just like the brain freeze you get when you slurp up that ultra cold super slushy Pina Colada with extra pineapple. Right dead center in my forehead. It spread to the sides, center and back of my brain.

I was paralyzed. What was I going to write about? I have mined only the surface of topical nuggets - I wasn't digging deep enough, I needed to take out the back hoe and really go at the strata of rocky memories.

At first the bits I dug up were blips of lost friends, bruises, lucky breaks and dinners best forgotten. There were some moments that stood out, Christmas in Germany, a walk down an ally in Hong Kong, the moment I picked the first ripe peach off the tree. How long will I be able to hold onto these ephemeral wisps of time? I just hope to have them all in my cache when I hit my 80's.

I have fallen in and out of love, made peace with my demon dopplegangers, kept quiet
and screamed out loud. All of these have a place in the library in my brain.

I have found the best way to defrost a brain is to close one's eyes and to think back to a moment that brought you joy - and pain. Those moments keep us awake and alive.

Image: Ophelia Chong / Nick Bishop

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