C to the Izzay, T to the...

Sure, Waldie might be writing about this...

And Aubry Kaplan about this...

And Willis and Guzman Lopez, this and this...

But nobody else in the KCET Local extended family has a scoop like this -- exclusive details regarding the name of a cat.

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And not just any cat, but HOVI, the rescue cat who resides at the downtown L.A. live/work h.q. of The Prometheus Institute, an upstart libertarian tank.

HOVI is named for Shawn Carter, a.k.a. Jay-Z, a.k.a HOVA. The feline's guardian is Rand J. Getlin, the hype man for the P.I.

P.I. founder Matt Harrison is a Jay fan, too. Page 135 of Harrison's new book quotes the legend's joint, "Renegade." Why? Harrison explains on the previous page:

"I hope these examples can giver the reader a better appreciation of the ways that rappers, despite the popular view otherwise, can actually produce social technological evolution. In an effort to bridge the linguistic gap between standard English and the vernacular of hip-hop culture, I have tried to include translations of relevant terms or subjects in footnotes, in order to help all readers appreciate the poetic value of hip-hop."

Footnote terms include: "pop toasters" and "dropped roadsters," and "knocked up."

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