Cave Drawings to Pop Up Ads


The best and worst of what you see now is a reformulation of the best and worst that was.

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The internet is built on the foundations of brick and mortar, of paper and ink, all the way back to cave paintings of spears and deers.

A quick list of what was and what is:

High School Reunions = Facebook.com
5¢ Peep Shows and Carnival Side Shows = YouTube.com
Mash notes = Twitter.com
Ye Olde Book Shoppe = Amazon.com
Classifieds = Craigslist.org
Your local library = Google.com
Your school locker = MySpace.com
The Soap Box in the town square = Blogging
The Yard Sale = eBay.com
Scrapbooks = Flickr.com
The Guy Who Owns the Comic Book Store = IMDB.com
Your Aunt = Match.com
Bygone Telephone Phone Monopolies = AOL.com and/or Yahoo.com
Cave Drawings = Pop Up Ads
Side Show Hawker = Spam

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Adding to the list by commenters:
Ann: Mom reading you to sleep = Audible.com
Linda: World Book Encyclopedia = Wikipedia

Any website that says they are the "new" has to be taken with a grain of salt because it seeks to disregard the past by pretending to not take from it.

Image: Ophelia Chong / Why?

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