Chief Beck Assembles His Team


New Chief Beck moves his two top contenders for LAPD head around--one up, one down--and otherwise establishes his mark on his new post, and on the city.

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Ron Kaye at OurLA.org gives the spin on winners and losers:

According to sources within the LAPD, the biggest loser is Assistant Chief Jim McDonnell who served as No. 2 to former Chief William Bratton for seven years and came in first in the Police Commission's list of nominees for Chief of Police

Not only does McDonnell lose his post as chief of staff but he also is being demoted to depute chief in charge of detectives (Beck's old job) with Commander Rick Jacobs, a close friend of Beck's, jumping two ranks to become chief of staff and an assistant chief....

Signaling where Beck is moving is the role being carved out for Gerald Chaleff, the criminal defense lawyer and former Police Commission member who served for the last six years as commander overseeing the federal court consent decree. He will become Beck's special assistant and also be involved in budget issues....

Deputy chief Michel Moore, the other runner-up to Beck for chief, is being promoted to assistant chief in charge of the Office of Special Services.

The Daily News's story has a more complicated breakdown of what exactly everyone's new bailiwick's are and who reports to whom, and reactions from the police commissioner and a city councilperson:

Police Commissioner Alan Skobin said the changes are in line with the changes made by other chiefs. "Every chief is entitled to have his own team in place," Skobin said. "I think the changes he made are pretty thoughtful and good...." Skobin said he did not believe there would be any opposition to the changes. "Generally, the commission likes to give the chief some leeway in is command staff," Skobin said.

City Councilman Dennis Zine said changes in the top command structure were to be expected.

"It's like any new executive who comes in," Zine said. "He wants his own people so the department is run the way he wants. I do think it shows tremendous confidence in Mike Moore and Jim McDonnell, that he would put them in such key spots."

WitnessLA has its own extensive commentary, and helpfully reproduces Beck's own memo announcing the shakeups.

Pseudonymous right-leaning LAPD cop "Jack Dunphy" on what he thinks are disturbing signs of the liberalization of Charlie Beck.

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