Congrats, Madeleine!

The folks here at KCET would just like to shout out a big congratulations to Madeleine Brand who has a new show on KPCC from 9 to 10 AM weekdays. And a special shout out to producer Steve Proffitt, who was previously Web Editor for SoCal Connected. We wish her and KPCC all the best!

About the show, taken from KPCC.org:

The Madeleine Brand Show, exclusively on 89.3 KPCC, 89.1 KUOR and 90.3 KPCV, captures the spirit of the West in a conversational, informal, witty style and examines the cultural issues people are buzzing about. Hosted by Madeleine Brand and produced by Kristen Muller, Steve Proffitt and Sanden Totten, the show includes regular segments like Weird L.A. - highlighting a person, place or thing that you've never heard about, but probably should; Parenting on the Edge - a weekly discussion on the challenges and pitfalls of raising kids; as well as regular contributors like Luke Burbank, Rico Gagliano, Brendan Newnam, John Moe and Bill Radke to help dissect culture, technology and business news.

Shortly after NPR's Day to Day went off the air, Madeleine did some blogging for our site. You can check out the posts here.

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