Councilman Alarcon Charged with Fradulent Residency


After a long investigation, a grand jury assembled from L.A. county district attorney Steve Cooley's office hit councilman and former state senator Richard Alarcon with charges, claiming he does not live where he claims residency for voting (and council seat) purposes.

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From L.A. Observed, a breakdown of the specific charges against Alarcon. (His wife is hit with six counts of her own.)

2 counts of filing false declarations of candidacy; 7 counts of voter fraud, for allegedly fraudulently voting in elections in 2007, 2008 and 2009; 9 counts of perjury, including three for allegedly filing false driver's license applications.

Alarcon pleads not guilty and denies it all:

My wife and I are innocent of the charges being brought by the District Attorney. Our home is located at 14451 Nordhoff Street in Panorama City in the Seventh Council District. That home has been my legal residence since November 2006, and it has been my family's legal residence since my wife Flora and I were married in August 2007. My wife and I are confident that when all of the relevant facts are brought out in a court of law, we will be acquitted of these charges and will be found to have broken no laws.

Some history of the unfolding case: Back in July, six of his staffers were subpoenaed by the grand jury. In January, Alarcon admitted that he wasn't currently occupying his official residence because it was being bedeviled by a mentally ill intruder. When the investigation went public in January, the L.A. Weekly notes Alarcon had once tried to have the Sun Valley home he allegedly really lives in included in the 7th council district he represents.

Now, many civic leaders from his district are rallying to his defense.Alarcon has already raised nearly $10 grand for a legal defense fund. Ron Kaye is still mad at Alarcon for allegedly playing the race card illegitimately against political opponent Richard Katz in a 1998 Senate race.

The D.A. office press release announcing the indictment.

(Photo: David McNew/Getty Images)

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