Two lines inched forward at LA Live next to the Staples Center several hours before the Mexican Independence Day celebrations. Mostly Spanish overheard, in various accents. Lots of immigrants. Some of the ones selling small, medium, and large Mexican flags complained business was bad.


One line headed into a VIP reception organized by the Mexican Consul General in L.A.


Some of these pictures are from that line.


Some of the women in this line wore the kind of rebozos that Mexican diplomats' wives wear. Rebozos that shine. Rebozos that won't hold babies. What do you call the high heels with the pointy toe? The men wore tailored suits.


In the other line men wore green Mexican soccer team jerseys. Some women wore fishnets. Lots of ugly toes hid behind strap sandals.


Teenagers wore Dodgers caps. A man wore a Mexican flag bandana. Is it easy to tell which feet are from which line?

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