Eagle Rock - Print Pair from '01 and '09

Friend and colleague Juan Devis' latest KCET.org Web Stories multimedia series collaboration comes online soon. It's about Eagle Rock.

Before TTLA talks tanks (and Eagle Rock) later today, here are a couple of links to a pair of past print stories about the northeast L.A. neighborhood.

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During the summer of 2001, Dave Gardetta wrote this long and well-worth revisiting, "Mayberry, Shmayberry" for the then-L.A. Times Magazine. TTLA's recollection, by the way, was of a cover story headlined, "The Hippest Neighborhood in America." If anyone can correct that recollection, please do.

And then of course, Scott Timberg had this shorter tale in a recent New York Times, plus a few replies to comments made on his blog.

**Disclosure: Velvets.

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