Food Trucks For All

Approximately six thousand food trucks feed hard-working Angelinos daily. But with popularity, comes increased pressure to regulate. In mid-October, the city transportation committee may pass a motion that would create new zoning laws for food trucks. The ordinance is targeted specifically at a lunchtime mobile food court scene that has developed in the office-heavy Miracle Mile district. This zoning push is, at least in part, a result of an angry restaurant industry that has noticed shrinking profits since the rise of the food truck.

In a L.A. Times opinion piece, food critic Jonathan Gold makes a passionate plea on behalf of our food truck population. Gold asks city officials to refrain from over-regulating an industry that, in his opinion, is doing just fine. If restaurants are upset by the business they're losing to the growing street food culture, perhaps it's time stationary eateries up their culinary game by providing better food for cheaper. As Gold puts it, "Great cooking always wins out."

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