Friday: Matt Miller at RAND

Author, radio personality, and public intellectual Matt Miller brings his book tour to RAND in Santa Monica this Friday, June 25, 2010.Miller is the host and "center" of the KCRW-produced NPR affairs program, "Left, Right, and Center."He's also a California-based senior fellow of the Center for American Progress.Miller's latest book is titled, The Tyranny of Dead Ideas.Teaser text at his website says, essentially, that politicians are fighting a previous economic war, instead of the one upon us and the ones coming soon. Miller's site posits that a new prosperity is possible, but not until the nation's leaders recognize that the following ideas are no longer applicable: 
  • Our kids will earn more than we do
  • Free trade is always good, no matter who gets hurt
  • Employers should be responsible for health coverage
  • Taxes hurt the economy
  • Schools are a local matter
  • Money follows merit
An excerpt from the book is here.More information about the lecture is here.And information about Coro, the sponsor of the event, is here.Photo Credit: The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user Alejandro Fernandez. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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