Global BioDiversity 'Grim,' U.N. Says

The latest edition of the Global Diversity Outlook was released last month, by the U.N.'s Convention on Biological Diversity.

The news, in short, is horrendous.

Or, "a wake-up call to the world," the narrator of the video, above, says.

To watch the video is to hear words such as: "over-exploitation," "most endangered," "double whammy," "less productive system," "lost," "grim," "point of no return," "tipping point," "degradation," "species loss," "risk of extinction," "Irreparable," "serious pollution," "deforestation," "much worse than previously thought," and "suffer catastrophically."

There is a bit of upbeat bio news, including that protection of the Amazon has increased since the previous Convention of Biological Diversity. The creation of more seed banks also counts as good news, the video says.

The CBD press release, report as .pdf, powerpoint, data, and video are all available on this page.

P.S. -- The western U.S. is mentioned a couple of times in the full report. The sole "California" reference is to the Gulf of California. (See pg. 50.)

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