How The CFI Celebrates Darwin's Bicentennial

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When we last left off with Jim Underdown, executive director of the Center For Inquiry -- Los Angeles he was sitting in his east Hollywood office, posing for a snapshot next to a poster with text reading, "I want you to support science and reason."

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The poster, naturally, featured "Uncle Charles" -- Charles Darwin in Uncle Sam garb -- and commemorated a past "Darwin Day."

For anyone whose been living under a rock, in the Galapagos, here's some news:

Thursday, February 12, 2009* marks the bicentennial of the birth of the "The Origin of Species" author. This is like Christmas at the CFI.

To celebrate, the secular humanist org is putting together "Darwin Aloud:A Worldwide Celebration of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday. From the website:

"You are invited to participate in an international celebration of science by honoring the father of the theory of evolution, Charles Darwin.

People from all over the world will be videotaped and filmed reading from The Origin of Species near famous landmarks in their countries. The footage will be assembled after March 23, 2009 into a film dedicated to one of science's greatest figures, Charles Darwin."

Full disclosure: TTLA has been invited by Underdown to participate in the project, and plans to.

Photo Credit: "Galapagos Island Birthday Cake," the image accompanying this post, was taken by Flickr user interllectual. It was used under Creative Commons license.

*=Correction: This post originally read, "2008."

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