Huge Milken Conference Coming Soon

We're at t-minus ten days before the Milken Institute's (previous posts here and here) "2009 Global Conference" begins.

The aim of the happening, according to the think tank's website:

"...to discuss, debate and deliberate the most difficult challenges facing businesses, investors, governments and non-governmental organizations."

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The three day smart-fest, occurring in Beverly Hills from April 27-29, is scheduled to feature 500 speakers, and counting.

To get an idea of the boldface names said to be participating, just pick a letter at random and scan through the luminaries. TTLA chose "B" and just to name a few, viewed speakers listed such as Google's Larry Brilliant, Moneyball icon Billy Beane, Eli Broad, Green Dot's Steve Barr, and Michael Boskin from the Hoover Institution.

Alas, TTLA's request for press credentials hasn't yet been accepted. So barring a late change -- and TTLA is ever-hopeful -- this blog won't be attending the conference.

Anyone reading this post who will be there, however, please feel free to contact TTLA via lathinktank at gmail dot com. We'd like to get your post-conference, or in-conference, impressions.

Public registration for the gathering, which costs nearly $4,000 to attend, has closed.

Photo: At the Milken Conference, 2006. Photo Credit: The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user mamamusings. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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