In the last three weeks, I've done three podcasts on my site, madeleinebrand.com. The topic of the site: parenting. It's not a place where you'll hear a debate over cloth v. disposable diapers or why Madonna should stop adopting Malawian babies. I want it to be a place where we discuss real issues we parents deal with and talk about amongst ourselves. The latest podcast topic is what should your child learn at preschool? The answer I received may surprise you: the best thing they can learn is how to deal with delayed gratification. It's a lesson we adults probably need to relearn.

This new media thing has a steep learning curve. ProTools - arrgh! And I've gone from a staff of 15 to a staff of one. But it's really rewarding doing something by yourself and for yourself. (Well, hopefully for a few more people.) Someone once said (I think it was me, actually) that working for a big company is like being a child in a family: you have security, three meals a day--but you can't control when you eat those meals or what's in them. And ultimately Mom and Dad can kick you out of the house if they want to downsize.

I'm literally working in my own house now. So far the roof hasn't caved in. And the three meals taste pretty good, too.

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