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Working virtually involves a keyboard, computer and an internet connection. No face to face, no seeing that I am wearing the same work out outfit since 6 am. Or the bird's nest on the top of my head. Or the the fact that I have a half eaten bowl of oatmeal by my keyboard.

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Back in the day when I actually worked in a "real life" office, I kept my desk clean, I wore make-up and my dry cleaner paid off his car with my weekly load of suits. I would plan out my weekly wardrobe and on weekends just fall apart into yoga pants and big frumpy t-shirts.

Now I have flipped the coin and spend most of my time in clothes devoid of zippers and buttons. I could dress myself like a fireman, 30 seconds and I was ready to put out the next fire. However, I have been caught by surprise by Skype. Skype is an application that allows you to IM, voice and video chat. A client requested a video chat to go over a whiteboard, I snuffled a low "okay", and quickly fixed my hair (which was really not that fixable). I think I looked passable, but I was caught red-handed, I was caught being a virtual slob.

Now, I fix my hair, regardless, and I wear clothes above the waist that doesn't say "I'm With Stupid" or "Oaktree Gun Range, We Aim to Please." My secret is that I go for the Anchorwoman look, all business above, all party below. Virtual meetings? I am ready and waiting.

Image: Ophelia Chong / Ooops

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