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This Tuesday—for the second time in history—LA's always-inspiring Silent Movie Theater will host author Erik Davis and a series of his guests for Occult LA, a "night of talks and films devoted to Southern California's alternative spiritual culture." The time this happened went down topics included local witches, satanists, JPL scientists and their influence on 1950-60s California assemblage and performance art (which is more profound than a lot of us would like to believe, I think). So Tuesday should be very, very promising.

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More info follows below, from Silent Movie Theater's website:

Author Erik Davis ("The Visionary State: A Journey Through California's Spiritual Landscape") returns for another night of talks and films devoted to Southern California's alternative spiritual culture. Angelino occultism has many sources, but one of the most important is the cinematic imagination, whose mystic and psychedelic developments Davis will trace through a collection of clips and short films drawn from experimental (Maya Deren's Meshes of the Afternoon), B-movie (The Trip), and mainstream Hollywood fare (Seconds, Head). The evening's second half will be hosted by Process Books publisher Jodi Wille, who will present unusual footage of LA's wild and wooly spiritual fringe, including rare clips from the Universal World Church and the Source Family. Other guest presenters include Maja D'Aoust (Philosophical Research Society), Paul Nugent (the Aetherius Society), and Kenneth Anger collaborator Brian Butler, who will show some ultra-rare footage of the notorious Angelino witch Cameron.

Photo taken by Perldude and used under a Creative Commons License.

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