JPL's Patzert Comments on El Niño and Climate Change

Think Tank L.A. heard today from friend Bill Patzert, of JPL. Here is Patzert's public comment on this recent TTLA post regarding El Niño:

"When we look at scientific publications over the past two decades, we see more and more of these fundamental shifts in familiar climate patterns. Of course one of the biggest and most important signals for SoCal is the El Niño. Our climate is changing. This paper is another nail in the "intellectual" coffin of the climate change skeptics.

"What might this "shift" of Los Niños mean to SoCal? Since 6 out of 10 years are dry here, we really needed and appreciated those past Los Niños that gave us relief from all those dry years. I always say, "Hug your El Niño!" But what if future Los Niños turn out to be drier? Future Los Niños could be much less "huggable." Will they be drier or wetter? All these climate changes are making me anxious..."

--Bill Patzert, JPL Climatologist

Photo Credit: The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user Fr Antunes. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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