KCET Local is People (Not Like Soylent Green)

I've had occasion to sit on more than one panel about "online community" and one of my best laugh lines during presentations has always been "Online community is people... just like Soylent Green." I was speaking from a very specific place back then, working for companies who at best saw their online communities as a raw material for their advertising operations. (At worst, the users were freeloaders snacking for free on valuable bandwidth.) But we're looking to try something different for KCET Local. The first step is to invite you to Pixeltown.

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Sitting alongside KCET Local's other blogs, Pixeltown is going to be staff's vehicle for speaking directly to you, the audience in a web-native voice. Part of that conversation is going to involve sharing our favorite blogs with you, Pixeltown treating the cloud of sites and blogs that think and write about Southern California as a virtual landscape to be explored just like the LA made of atoms and, er, people. And another important part is going to involve just plain sharing, Pixeltown a place where we can share the curious (and sometimes strange) online resources that come across our desks.

Another part of that conversation is going to involve availing ourselves of the tools and resources that tie people together, so if you're a member of any of these sites, make sure to add KCET Local to you networks.






Keep watching this space. We'll be surfing the SoCal web for you.

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