L.A. is #139

A recent Milken Institute report ranks the Los Angeles / Long Beach / Glendale metropolitan statistical area as the 139th "Best-Performing Cities 2009."

That's out of 200 areas listed.

The report further ranks L.A. 9th out of the ten largest metros, and places the region at #138 in job growth.

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Subtited, "Where America's Jobs Are Created and Sustained," the report was written by Ross C. DeVol, Armen Bedroussian, Kevin Klowden, and Candice Flor Hynek. It's available here for purchase or as a free download.

From pp. 36 and 37 of the .PDF:

"Like other metros experiencing steep housing declines and increasing default and foreclosure rates, Los Angeles has been hammered by the the loss of jobs in construction, manufacturing, real estate services, and financial services."


"The few bright spots for the local economy continue to be health care and education."

Riverside / San Bernadino / Ontario came in at #103 -- two years after an unsustainable construction bubble catapaulted the burghs to third in the national rankings.

The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user ChazWags It was used under Creative Commons license.

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