L.A. Through the new Life Magazine historic photo archive


Just saw today that Life Magazine, in partnership with Google has unloaded a massive photo archive up onto this beautiful internet thing of ours. Looking up photos with a "Los Angeles" tag brings up hundreds fascinating pictures (like the frighteningly real shot on the left of Nixon praying somewhere in Los Angeles) that in their own way give a new insight into LA's history. Check it out!

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Highlights include George Silk's photo essay of a 1952 L.A. cat show, including this awkwardly timed shot of a judge in mid-decision making. There's Ralph Crane's shot of a man planting plastic shrubbery next to a highway, the Watts riots, fireworks at the Coliseum, Oil tanks painted as jack-o-lanterns, Lakewood's suburban explosion and Long Beach's waterfront amusement park, pre-breakwater. Now we finally have something to give Shorpy a run for his hard-earned money.

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