LAT Piece Points To Tanks' Role

Today's L.A. Times features an article near and dear to this blog's ongoing 'What is a Think Tank?' discussion.

The story, headlined "Think tanks get more direct" in the print edition of the periodical and "Foundations take active role on health policy," in the online version, was written from Sacramento by Jordan Rau.

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Excerpted from the lede: "?California philanthropic foundations and think tanks are shedding their traditionally detached stances to crusade for healthcare reform?"

Another quote from the piece:

"Sally Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute, a conservative think tank based in San Francisco that favors market approaches to healthcare, said foundations risk undermining the credibility of their research by wading into policy deliberations.

"I think that's a bad move for them, because I think they will be really tarred as lobbyists," Pipes said. "I don't think lobbyists have the respect of economists or researchers.'"

More on this topic, of course, to be posted in the coming weeks and months.

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