Obama Time

So, today's the big day....

Obama Time...

The great majority of think tank-centric media coverage of the period between election day and noon's scheduled inauguration has focused on transition co-director John Podesta, president of the Washington, D.C. based Center for American Progress

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As anyone here in town has noticed just how less crowded traffic who has been the past few days might infer, this week the District is full of Angelinos.

And Los Angeles was of course well-represented during the campaign. Take E. Richard Brown, for example. He's the founder and director of the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, the institution behind the remarkable, comprehensive California Health Interview Survey (CHIS). Independent of his UCLA gig, Brown was also health policy advisor to the Obama campaign.

TTLA sat down with Brown on the day before the election, to talk think tanks, CHIS, and just a bit about politics. More from that conversation -- as well as discussions with other UCLA Health Policy experts -- will come to this space during the coming months.

Today, enjoy this most American of moments.

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