OCD: Out of the Closet


Our Obsessive Compulsive tendencies used to be private, and they were hidden because we were ashamed of our compulsiveness.

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But that all changed once we got a hold of "blogs". There is a blog for everyone and every compulsion. From bad cake decorating to a fascination with the morbid. Out there, there is someone else totally fascinated with Monkeys made from stuffed athletic socks, and they want to be your friend.

Public Displays of OCD Pays Off
Julie/Julia Project Blog was made into a film, a chronicle to cook all 524 recipes from Child's cookbook during a single year, which went from blog to book to film.

Get Stuffed
Crappy Taxidermy asks visitors to submit examples of bad taxidermy, from squirrels holding a beer to rabbits dressed up as gentleman hunters.

Don't Even Think of Eating That
This is Why You're Fat looks at food, food that will kill you slowly, yet sooth you with the deliciousness of fat and sugar. This blog was also published as a book, for those who like their deep fried fat on and offline.

Don't Leave the House
For those obsessed as to why they should only order in food and work virtually there is the LAPD crime map. You can search from less than a mile radius of your location to crimes that happened the day before.

Got a Photo?
On flickr, there are over 2,095,091 Groups. A group is specific to a theme, for instance "Just Dogs", or "Portraits". There are over 27,970 groups just for Dog photos, and 23,946 for Cats. Seems Dogs win over Cats when it comes to photos. Even lovers of "Buttons" have over 5,384 groups to choose from.

A Club for Everyone
This century is made for Obsessive Compulsive personalities, and for the "just fascinated about one topic" users of the internet. You can find like-minded people who share your compulsion/hobby/White Whale. On the internet, you are never alone or alone in spirit.

Image: Ophelia Chong / She's a Spitfire

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