OK Go: Psycho Spatial Artistic Journeys

Angelenos know that driving is an art, but an iPhone app called Pulse of the City developed for the new Range Rover Evoque makes this real by plotting your cross-town journeys on a map, and then adding color and graphics to visualize that information. What makes the idea a bit more interesting and timely is that the band OK Go will use the app tomorrow, November 17, to "write" and dance across Los Angeles. "Everyone out there should do their own psycho-spatial-acoustic-musical journeys," encourages band-member Damian in the video describing the project, which is part of a larger endeavor by Range Rover to fund several artists in 12 cities around the world. I tried the app on the way home last night - you can see a trip from USC to the west side in the image.
OK Go is the source for some of the most refreshing music videos recently, including their latest, called Last Leaf and made in collaboration with LA graphic designer, animator and artist Geoff McFetridge. While the band is known for its one-take videos, Last Leaf is an old school stop motion animation and uses hundreds of still photos of hundreds of slices of toast, along with hand-drawn images that squiggle from shape to shape to tell its poignant story. Lovely.

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