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On Tenterhooks

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Tuesday, Nov, 4th, 2008 5:47 pm

I am sitting here, watching the returns on the television and on my computer. My Twitter Stream is flashing messages at a pace that threatens to take down the Twitter servers.

I have multiple windows open,,,, and my Twitter stream is filling quickly with "Fungible Confirmed: CA vote by mail and early voting results to be released at 8pm when polls close." and "calinative I know my home and native state of new mexico BETTER hold it down. i cannot hang my head in shame for 4 years."

Selected Twitters from my Twitter Stream around the country and around the corner from 6:08PM PST to 10:32PM PST; reactions, emotions, news, screaming, joy, a giant collective real time gathering online of a historic evening on Election Day, (you can click on the names to see their Twitter Streams):



danhhoang I think I'm going to say that we got our man. Danh Hoang is projecting the Obama is da winner.


jakrose if your a stylist right now, and your looking at the map guy on MSNBC, you are not liking what your seeing


TracyCrossley @ophelia Alaska is projected to be red (maybe we'll get a surprise)

mao2446 Georgia went for McCain.

musecrossing Overheard on CNN: If McCain loses Florida it's "peace out, cub scout".

jpostman How cool is it that we’re watching a Black presidential candidate vs. a woman VP via live internet stream and chatting about it via Twitter?


MarilynM digging out our leftover sparklers...keeping our fingers crossed... :)

RPM I don't want to listen to Hank Williams. No offense.

MarilynM Mike Murphy saying on MSNBC that Repub's are "under performing" in FL...


mommyaulait liberals through hurricane evacuation i'm hoping they vote us blue..

dungeekin ABC just called Ohio for Obama, reported by the BBC. 20 college votes, now on 195 according to the BBC.

missjo_ladieGo OHIOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Bsimi Wearing my Red White and Blue tie drinkin good ol' American Bourbon urging Obamas # up to 270!!!

jpostman Ohio is a roadblock McCain can't climb over, tunnel through, what's with the analogies?

musecrossing Obama wins Ohio. ?«

NoOnProp8 Presidential victory is NOT enough -- VOTE "NO" ON PROP 8 BEFORE POLLS CLOSE @ 8 PM (Please retweet this NOW)


aswang now obama only needs the states kerry won.

noetical McCain HQ has turned off the news.


frankmartin From the back of the bus to the White House in my lifetime - freakin' awesome.


calinative *crying*

z1444z The last 8 years have been long, long, long, and I could never really believe what was happening, it was all like a really bad nightmare

tmcamp Barack Obama is the 44th president of the United States of America. FTW.

necolebitchie Icon_red_lock they are celebrating in KENYA!!!

woodylewis BARACK!!!

redstarvip the bush years are gone

johnfbraun Yow CNN projects Obama winner

JoeCascio MSNBC just called it. Obama is our next president!

melindawarren1 ABC SAID OBAMBA WON!!!!!


NoOnProp8 8:00 pm. Polls are closed.

n8k99 mccain is now conceeding

redstarvip 297

geekandahalf More tears of joy. That, and I'm sensitive crybaby baboon.

geekandahalf Tons of screams, mayhem , and joy being shouted from porches in my neighborhood.

iamspencer Wow. Florida goes Obama too!

greggscott Isn't it ironic. It took a black Democrat to deliver on George Bush Sr.'s promise of a kinder gentler nation. This is why I celebrate.

Neo_drone Whoo!!!!! Obama is the 44th President of the USA!!!!!!

electionday2008 #debate08 (Reuters): Obama captures White House win

fivehusbands My president Barack Obama

tmcamp says Wake up your children, get them ready to watch some history. This is a day.

GregRose Wow it is true. Long live the American dream!

HookEmSarah Icon_red_lock People love remembering exactly where they were when things happened.

ratherfancy A descendant of East Africa is the leader of the free world tonight. Ain't that something? We make good people there. :)

highfiredanger I am completely at a loss for what to say or do when the scale of history is this staggering.

calebelston We have a new President elect. I am ecstatic. Obama

bluestbutterfly Obama will address the crowd in about 25 minutes.

PurpleCar Awaking our 8 year old to see Obama's speech

Fungible Proud of McCain's speech. I really hope he goes back to the old McCain that I liked.

jakrose Palin crying at McCain rally. pretty somber moment. brings back a lot of the thing I like about McCain

MiikoMentz McCain's concession speech was really heart-felt. It was good. I feel for him, but it is what it is and it just wasn't meant to be.

RyanH42 Someone pinch me to make sure I'm not dreaming. Do we really have a liberal, BLACK president? My faith in America restored?


TheJK Chills. It's a moment

bluestbutterfly Waiting for Obama's speech.

dragonblogger All it takes is California to win, even if McCain won all the rest, but Obama will take Florida too


jeffporten philly streets as crazy as obama hq.

Neo_drone this is quite literally the proudest moment of my far... the day that america spoke and asked for Change

StephAgresta God Bless America!

rdfrench Icon_red_lock Yes We Can :: AlObama

desaraev What an awesome speech from president elect barak obama. Congrats. Looking forward to seeing what he does with this opportunity.

maubrowncow In case you missed Obama's speech, don't fret. You'll be hearing it again the next 48 hours. And 48 years

studiozeroseven I cant even describe how amazing I feel right now, thank you god!

qthrul Rock star. Epic.

dfugate sitting in room of red eyed inspired people. Thank you Obama!

apenny i'm crying but it's hard to let go of cynicism. scary to be idealistic and hopeful.

kangham watching the speeches on the street with neighbors on my mac via sling box

ifindkarma Barack Obama: "Victory is not the change we seek. It is only the chance to make that change... We rise and fall as one nation."

billpalmer this will be the most hopeful, opportunity-laden time of our lives. we owe it to ourselves to make something of it.

stephennelson Obama is our first hamster ball president


elizabethpw damn that Obama can give good speech

BreakingNewsOn Washington voters approve measure to allow terminally ill patients to get prescriptions to end their lives if they have <6 months to live.

ATG Hugging so many. Love my family.

maubrowncow just ordered a blue cocktail.

coyotetoo I'm off to bed. Crossing my fingers about Prop 8. Gonna have a long pack howl together if things don't go well.

jeffporten spontaneous volunteer parade to liberty bell. EVERYONE cheering as we pass.


loudmouthman Its worth noting though and I will keep saying it. You have all voted for change. now you need to make that change happen.

jacquimcgirr Okay, thinking this little species took a big step on the path to becoming one human race.

GlennF How soon will GItmo be closed? How soon will torture be repudiated? How soon is renditioning stopped? How soon are we proud to be Americans?

gregorylent loved obama's serious face, he is already out front taking care of the very deep attention and focus that is required now .. we work now

JustinKownacki So we're ready for a black president, but we're not ready for 2 men to raise a child in Arkansas. Small victories en route to enlightenment.

gwfrink3 The capitol of the old Confederacy went for Obama. One of the two states where Jim Crow was conceived went for Obama. Truly a new day.

Image: Twitter Page

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