Picture of the Day: 3 Kinds of Cali Car

You might have noticed that Pixeltown has a feature called Video of the Day. You also might have noticed that the feature should probably be called "Video of Every Other Day." (What can we say? As this video from the Onion points out, the web may be full of video, but it's also full'o'crap.)

Anyhow, as a way to balance (make that "fill") things out, we're going to start throwing stills in the mix, some them borrowed from our favorite blogs, some of them contributed by you to our Flickr group. This week's theme is cars.

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First up is this visual reminder from the Franklin Avenue blog that Los Angeles' "traffic woes are nothing new... (Traffic: Always Had It, Always Will):"


The original photo is part of Google's new Life photo archive and was taken by Loomis Dean for the May 1948 issue of Life. (You can see one of Dean's most famous images here.) KCET Local blogger Kevin Ferguson wrote about the archive a few weeks back.

Our next image is a "red lotus" from Flickr user laverrue. (No, not that kind of red Lotus.)


Lastly (and on a personal note), Pixeltown would like to bid a fond-farewell to our 1992 Volvo, who passed away after an brief illness/accident at the corner of Hollywood and Hillhurst this week. They say you're not a real Angeleno until you up your first car for scrap. Godspeed, Oksana!


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