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Today is the start the long Memorial Day weekend. Angelenos everywhere bring out their barbecues, sit at picnic tables, laugh over ice creams cones and go to parades.

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Flickr user Lisa Newton using a Creative Commons License. provided the picture of the Los Angeles National Cemetery.

Memorial Day has become an excuse for retail car shopping, blow out sales, and weekend trips. But this national holiday's original purpose was to honor, respect, and remember fallen American soldiers.

These are the soldiers who made this laid back and peaceful weekend possible. After spending time with friends and family and buying that 60% off plasma T.V., remember to go honor the veterans who defended this country in its time of need.

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This serious holiday has been overtaken by the commercialism and barbecues, but underneath it all, it's about the sacrifices that our soldiers made. If you have to shop, buy a toy soldier.. and enjoy both parts of your holiday.

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By Flickr user suburbandlice using a Creative Commons License

Pixeltown wondered how people celebrate their Memorial Day weekend. We will let the Flickr pictures do the talking.


From Flickr user psilver using a Creative Commons License.


Flickr user amry.mil using a Creative Commons License.


Flickr user stevelyon using a Creative Commons LIcense.

Go out and celebrate Memorial Day! Here are some local events you can go check out:

Annual Memorial Day Weekend Street Fair on Wilshire Blvd and Alvarado St near MacArthur Park. (Map) This predominantly Latino celebration demonstrates how every American appreciates and honors those soldiers who gave so much for this country, even if those soldiers have not been here for years. Everyone respects those who defended this country.

Forest Lawn Cemetery locations are going to offer patriotic ceremonies honoring veterans at their Hollywood and Glendale locations.

If you are interested in parades, there is the Hermosa Beach Festival and the thirty sixth annual Greek Memorial Day Festival.

Find yourself in the valley for Memorial Day weekend? Check out the twenty first annual Canoga Park Memorial Day Parade, with Mayor Antonio Villariagosa as grand marshal, Monday from 11am-2pm in Canoga Park.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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