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Adolfo Guzman-Lopez's new post got me thinking about how much I love the great variety of food found in Los Angeles.

There have been instances where not getting my cinnamon raison bagel in the morning has ruined a better part of my day or when a grilled chicken with wild mushroom pasta has uplifted my spirits in a way that only Alfredo sauce can.

This train of thought slowly led me to think about all the OTHER things I love about Los Angeles, moving beyond just its culinary aspects.

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Every morning I look for pictures to add to our SoCal Connected Flickr Pool , so I decided to type in the words 'Love Los Angeles' and see what other have posted on the subject of loving in our city.

The first picture of interest I found was by Flickr user Pink Moose


(Am I the only one that gets the sense of L.A. commercialization when this phrase is put on a shopping bag instead of a cap or shirt? Am I over thinking this?)

Is it a fashion faux pas to wear a shirt that says "I Love L.A"? Is it a faux pas to say faux pas?

As I continued my search I found this next picture, by Lord Jim


Again, love in Los Angeles is being used commercially, but what is not to love about a flower shop that advertises loving a special someone? It is a place open seven days a week, dedicated to the sharing and spreading of love and friendship in this city. So you have to pay $25 for the flowers, oh well. (Have you noticed the bird flying conspicuously on top?)

Finally, this video found in vimeo shows love in a way that only Los Angeles can. It proves that not everybody in this city drives and that the Metro Red Line is a perfect place for romance. Find love, Go Metro.

The Red Line from Holden Zhang on Vimeo.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and these have lovely things to say.

These Picture have been used under a Creative Commons License. Thank you Flickr user nickstone333 for first picture! Do you have any pictures of Southern California you would like to add to our SoCal Connected Flickr Pool? Please do!

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