RAND Corp. Book Sale; Plus Free Ayn


The RAND Corporation is offering various books for sale at 40% discounts from the titles' respective cover prices.

None of the sale publications are new releases, and while it's arguable that some might already be dated (one title from 2002 is teased as offering "next steps in the U.S. campaign to defeat al Qaeda and combat terrorism"), many of the reads are clearly evergreen.

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For instance, take the 2002 title, "In Our Backyard: How 3 L.A. Neighborhoods Affect Kids' Lives," by Anne R. Pebley and Mary E. Vaiana.

And, from 2005, "Just Cause or Just Because?: Prosecution and Plea-Bargaining Resulting in Prison Sentences on Low-Level Drug Charges in California and Arizona," by a team of authors.

Or, less California-centric, and with a splashy Uncle Sam cover, "I Want You!: The Evolution of the All-Volunteer Force," from 2006, by Bernard D. Rostker.

Meanwhile, research briefs of current and past RAND publications are available for free-of-charge download here.

And, finally today, from the department of non sequiturs...

If an Ayn Rand, not RAND, book is preferable to TTLA readers, then keep in mind that the Ayn Rand Institute, in Irvine, offers visitors complimentary copies of "Atlas Shrugged." The ARI does the same in bulk, for high schools.

Photo Credit: Books for sale, in London -- not RAND nor at the ARI. The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user Simon Welch
. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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