REDCAT Film and Video Schedule

"The unifying theme is artistic vision, especially from an experimental end of the cinematic spectrum," explains REDCAT Film and Video co-curator Steve Anker describing the fall season's wonderful line-up of Monday-night screenings at the REDCAT theater. REDCAT, now in its sixth year and described as a "vibrant laboratory where innovating artists from throughout Los Angeles and around the world gather to push the boundaries of creative expression," has become a key aspect of LA's art scene, and the film and video screenings extend the emphasis on avant-garde film and video at CalArts, bringing many of the school's visiting artists into downtown LA. The line-up for the fall includes several live cinema events, including an upcoming performance October 12 by acclaimed filmmaker Ken Jacobs, who uses two projectors to create unique 3-D effects. "We also have a fine artist/animator form China - Sun Xun - whose work critiques Chinese culture and politics, a program curated by Cindy Keefer of recent animations from around the world that explore abstraction and continue in the footsteps of such pioneers as Oskar Fischinger, a screening and exploration of the historical importance of Jack Smith's seminal underground classic Flaming Creatures with noted critic J. Hoberman, and a screening of documentary portraits by Mexican artists that explore contemporary rural life and artistic responses." Anker notes that this theme has been central to the curatorial vision he shares with co-curator Berenice Reynaud, noting, "In every case the artist is expressing his/her own vision and personal absorption into both the medium and the subjects at hand." LA's film culture is lucky to have REDCAT! Download a PDF of the Fall 2009 schedule here.

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