Savvier Than The Pyschic Octopus?

When it comes to World Cup predictions, TTLA's pal Don Anderson is proving to be every bit as savvy as Paul, the Psychic Octopus.

Anderson, a line producer and the co-owner of Redemption Studios, in Burbank, predicted prior to the beginning of the Cup that Spain and the Netherlands would meet in the final. That prediction has come to pass.

Since Paul is presumably too big time now to return our calls, TTLA asked Anderson for the reasoning behind his own accurate prognosticating, and for a championship forecast. Here's his reply:

"I picked the Netherlands to make it to the finals because of how they dominated their pool in the qualifiers, plus my wife looks good in orange.

"I picked Spain because if you take the best of Barcelona and the best of Liverpool and throw them on the team, you have Spain. Just think what would happen if [injury-recovering striker Fernando] Torres wakes up?"

So... who does Anderson have winning Sunday? Spain.

(Video embed is of Paul correctly selecting Spain to win in the semifinals.)

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