Stillness Part 2


At Thanksgiving dinner what will you bring to the table? Will you have your cell phone in your pocket? Will you have one eye on the television? Are you going to check your Facebook after dinner?

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I have been guilty of answering my cell phone at dinner and giving the excuse "I've been waiting for this call". What is more important? The person in front of you or the one coming through a satellite? It seems to be a simple decision but it is not; our behavior has become that we are more connected with the digital world than the real world.

For a few hours, disconnect and put aside that need to be "on top of things"; be present with the people you love and enjoy the moments that the sound of a voice, the touch of a hand, the warmth of a hug can bring.

We are human and we need to be human, not a hub for electronic gadgets. So unplug for a while and savor the moments powered only by love and gratitude.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone.

Stillness Part One

Image: Ophelia Chong / Delicious

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