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Straight Blimpin'


The Los Angeles Times featured earlier this week this first-person account of Man of The House and now sports Fan of the House columnist Chris Erskine riding the Goodyear Blimp.TTLA's blogger once took that same ride for his old latimes.com Secret City column.TTLA's main regret? Headlining the piece, "Blimp's Eye View." Consider that corrected. And related: Thanks to G4 TV's Steve Johnson, who back during our float, quoted the blimp line from Ice Cube's classic, "It Was a Good Day." (Caution: adult lyrics.)  Here are a couple of quick cuts from that Secret City piece:"CARSON -- Thirteen men in white shirts and blue pants are looking up to the sky, into a mild afternoon breeze. They are awaiting the final approach of a silver leviathan, 192 feet long and in these parts, more familiar than a full moon."And:"We rise gently, like early-morning bread, up past 1,000 feet, then level off at cruising altitude of 1,500 feet. [Captain Nick] Nicolary points out landmarks. "There's Catalina Island, off to the left," he says. "Downtown Los Angeles, to your right."Also:Here's some other in-blimp photos from the day.


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