Teleportation through Southern California with Pegman!

Briefly: Using the newly redesigned Google Street view is the closest I'll ever get to teleporting around California (or anywhere in the world, at that). It features Pegman, a tiny character you're free to pick up and drop anywhere those little Chevy Cobalts have been. To teleport, you ideally want to have a ton of zoom-out, so you only have the vaguest idea about where Pegman is gonna end up.

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When you do it at first it's a little disorienting: your environment has changed completely and all you can you be totally correct in predicting is that where you're going to end up will probably be sunny, those cars never do too much night driving. The first time I did it I ended up here in the middle of Idyllwild's most intense chaparral. When you end up in places like this it's kind of disorienting, you have to look around and get situated to your new surroundings, maybe go a couple of steps forwards or backwards. Lest you end up dazed and disoriented in front of a total stranger's mansion or the U.S./Mexico border.

If you decide to venture outside of the state, the sights get weirder. I found this mysterious reddish-brownish abstraction in the easternmost regions of Montana. Either way, get out there! Teleport!

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