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Thank You


Thank you to everyone who read, commented upon, and shared this blog. Thank you, too, to all the folks who contacted the TTLA blogger with tips, suggestions, criticism, and praise.

Great thanks in particular to Juan Devis, both for inviting me two years ago to participate in this project, and better still, for his ongoing and incredible Departures series, which you can find here.

Much gratitude as well to KCET's Gary Dauphin, Anna Jordan, and everyone else who has a hand in the production of the site and its blogs. Especially big thanks to TTLA original illustrators Sketch Winters and Richard Neilson, photographer Brett Van Ort, and deejay Alejandro Cohen.

And finally, bigs to D.J. Waldie's Where We Are, Erin Aubry Kaplan's Cakewalk, Adolfo Guzman-Lopez's Movie Miento, Holly Willis' Blur + Sharpen, Brian Doheny's City of Angles, Ophelia Chong's 404 City, and of course, JP.

It's been a pleasure sharing cyberspace with all of you.

illustration copyright and courtesy Jeremy Rosenberg.

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A young girl with a red shirt plays with her parents

The U.S. Healthcare System is Broken, Middle-Class Families with Disabled Members Fight with the Power of Their Stories

For middle-class parents of disabled children, good income and great insurance are still not enough to cover the vast holes in U.S. healthcare.
un mazo de juez de madera

Justicia retrasada: tribunales abrumados por el atraso de la pandemia

Desde la manutención de los hijos hasta el fraude de seguros, los casos judiciales se retrasan en todo California. Solo la mitad de los casos civiles y penales se resolvieron el verano pasado en comparación con las cifras anteriores a la pandemia. “La justicia no se ha cerrado. La justicia se ha ralentizado”, según un grupo de abogados.
A gavel on a table

Justice Delayed: Courts Overwhelmed by Pandemic Backlog

From child support to insurance fraud, court cases are delayed throughout California. Only half as many civil and criminal cases were resolved last summer compared with pre-pandemic numbers. “Justice has not shut down. Justice has slowed down,” according to an attorneys’ group.