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If you're reading this blog, then our hope is that you already know more about the Los Angeles - and beyond - think tank scene than your nascent Think Tank L.A. blogger.

Which means - this blog would be delighted to have your help.

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So, please don't hesitate to leave comments regarding these posts.**

And please always feel welcome, invited, and encouraged to send in story ideas, news tips, and suggestions related to all things think tank - the organizations themselves, the people who work for them, the work they produce; anything.

You can reach this blog via: lathinktank [at] gmail [dot] com

Let's see, what more?

  • If any of you see an interesting think tank-related page or pages online, then please send the URL or a link to it along, with or without comment.

  • If you're a filmmaker, still photographer, artist, poet, musician, songwriter, illustrator, editor, etc., and you have created in the recent or distant past any think tank-related content that you'd like to call attention to or otherwise share, then please likewise drop this blog a line. That goes for straight-ahead work as well as more experimental pieces.

  • Also, related to the above: If you're, again, a filmmaker, still photographer, artist, poet, musician, songwriter, illustrator, editor, etc., and would like to create a new, original short piece that is in some way think tank-related, then we'd be honored to receive it. We're happy, too, to suggest topics for new original works. Again, just get in touch


As a beginning example of all of the above, it's great to be able to close this initial post with a tip o' the cap to photographer Brett Van Ort. Van Ort accompanied this blog on a recent visit to the Rand Corporation's Santa Monica's headquarters. The first of his resulting photos we'll be displaying accompanies today's post.

You'll be reading much more about Rand and many of its local, national, and international fellow think tank / public policy / research institute / and hybrid brethren organizations in the coming weeks, months, and - here's hoping - years.

In the meanwhile, thanks for reading, thanks again to Van Ort, and everyone, please, keep those links, images, comments, critiques, and original work coming this blog's way....

Coming Next Post: What Is A Think Tank?

Photo: A view of Rand Corporation from the building's outdoor, interior courtyard. Photo Copyright 2008 & Courtesy Brett Van Ort

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