This Sunday: The Outpost Cup

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The powers-that-be here at KCET.org were kind enough to encourage TTLA to post the following...This Sunday, June 6, 2010, from 8am-6pm, "the first annual Outpost Cup will take place":http://southamerica.outpost-art.org/.Outpost Cup is a soccer + performance art + music happening that is organized by and serves as a fundraiser for Outpost For Contemporary Art.24 teams of experienced futbolers, casual players, and families will gather on the scenic Vista Hermosa Park pitch near Downtown and Echo Park.Performance artists including Mexico's collective, Homeless, will perform during breaks in the game action, and on the sidelines during games.Deejays including Dublab's Alejandro Cohen will spin. Announcers from NPR, UCLA, and the great soccer and society blog, Notes From a Left Wing, will offer live commentary.Even the Cool Haus ice cream sandwich truck is expected -- most likely in the early afternoon.The soccer rosters have closed, but the event in general is open to the public. There's a $3 suggested donation, but please feel free to donate nothing, that amount, or more. To learn more about the Outpost Cup, the South American artists who Outpost For Contemporary Art are planning to bring later this year and next year to Los Angeles, and Outpost For Contemporary Art in general, "please visit this website":http://southamerica.outpost-art.org/.Disclosures: Too many to list... Briefly: The TTLA blogger is a volunteer board member of Outpost For Contemporary Art, and he conceived the Outpost Cup and is its co-organizer.

Image copyright and courtesy Grupo BijaRo, of Sao Paolo, Brazil. For the Outpost Cup.

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