Tonight: Secondhand Sureshots!

Super clever and fun night tonight brought to you by Dublab, home to some of Los Angeles' most trusted minds in hip-hop: Secondhand Sureshots is set to make it's L.A. premiere tonight at the Silent Movie Theater (611 N Fairfax). According to Dublab, Secondhand Sureshots is "is an experiment in sound recycling. It features four amazing, LA-based beatmakers: Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G in a secret mission to create new musical magic from the dusty remains of thrift store vinyl."

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Beyond that, they're planning on recreating the film's experience live, so feel free to bring your own records, the weirder the better! They'll have 30 minutes to sonically transform your favorite spoken word record into a discernible beat. If at all possible I highly recommend you take along something like a Wendy/Walter Carlos or Mort Garson synthesizer recording, or maybe something from the singing nun? Either way, events this unique don't happen too often, take advantage of it. Also, check out the trailer for a better idea:

[Photo taken by flickr user kDamo and used under a Creative Commons license]

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