Two Radical Proposals to Reform Los Angeles


Reformers are offering a pair of proposals to help get a reeling city back on its feet: slash city council salaries, and give Department of Water and Power ratepayers their own official advocate.

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The Daily News has details:

When he was on the board [of Water and Power Commissioners, Nick] Patsaouras tried to create the post of ratepayer advocate - an effort that was rebuffed by the board and the DWP brass. He's now trying to revive that plan....

"We need someone independent to provide the cost-benefit analysis ... and let ratepayers know the true cost of what the DWP is doing."

Patsaouras said he will be taking his proposal to various officials, community groups and neighborhood councils to gauge the level of interest and, possibly, develop a strategy to qualify it for the ballot. An initiative drive would require petitions from some 240,000 registered voters.

Douglas Epplehart of San Pedro has a different proposal that is sure to generate a lot of grass-roots support. He wants to cut the City Council salaries in half......Epplehart said he is in the process of preparing the campaign and is planning a major blitz for about three months, working through the neighborhood councils, before actively seeking signatures. He is aiming to have a measure on the November 2010 ballot.

See also the L.A. Weekly's February attack on L.A.'s unusually high city council salaries.

See Patsaouros make the case for a ratepayer advocate:

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