UCLA Updates Study, Now Counts Uninsured Ages 0-64

Yesterday, TTLA posted this, about data collected and analyzed by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, through the Center's ambitious CHIS project.

Today's in-box brings news of an update to that study.

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While yesterday's post notes the prevalence of minors without health insurance in California, as broken down by Congressional District, the HPR team has now come up with those stats for all Californians under the age of 65-years-old.

By way of example, KCET and KCET.org are housed inside District 31. The new report lists 31 as one of the three spots statewide with the highest percentage of non-insurance.

In 31, one in three people (33.23%) under the age of 65 lack health coverage.

The same ratio holds true in two other Southern California wards that were likewise at the bottom of the insured list: Districts 22 and 46 (32.67% and 33.96%, respectively).

Three Northern California Districts placed at the other end of the list, with non-insured percentages approximately three times as low as inside the L.A. trio.

More information is here.

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