USC Grad Student's China Tank Paper

USC's US-China Institute posted this item, about the think tank work of doctoral student Chin-Hao Huang.

The political science/international relations grad student was the co-author of a Stockholm International Peace Research Institute study on China's growing role in United Nations peacekeeping undertakings.

A teaser of the report reads:

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"China has dramatically increased its participation in United Nations peace operations in recent years. China now provides more uniformed personnel than any other permanent member of the UN Security Council. This timely Policy Paper offers new insights into the development of China's engagement in multilateral peacekeeping and the factors and debates that underlie it. It also examines what these new trends mean for multilateral peacekeeping and for China's major security partners. Finally, it makes policy-oriented recommendations on how China and the international community can build on this unique opportunity to strengthen multilateral peacekeeping and to firmly establish a new, more positive international role for China."

The full report is available from the SIPRI via this page, along with related material.

SIPRI, by the way, placed third last year on James McGann's list of "Top 20 Non-U.S. Think Tanks."

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