Vancouver: Olympic Haters


TTLA asked our Vancouver Expat Bureau Chief, Amy Pederson, for some wit and wisdom regarding her native burgh and the upcoming opening of the Winter Olympics.

Pederson is a professor of art history at Woodbury University, and also a colleague of the TTLA blogger on the Board of Directors at Outpost for Contemporary Art.

TTLA asked the Professor, "What will the world learn this week about Vancouver?"

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Here is her kind reply:

"Vancouver is the only place that I have ever seen black squirrels. These squirrels are particularly well organized and aggressive, and in Stanley Park and on the UBC campus they had to put special lids on outdoor trashcans so they can't throw squirrel parties in there.

"One time, my cat chased a squirrel up my mom. True story.


"Vancouver has the best hamburgers in the world. They can be found at White Spot, but you have to order the plain Legendary Platter with no cheese or tomato or anything. They don't taste right if you put anything extra on them, and they taste best when you eat them in the parking lot in your car with the special tray that hooks into the windows, preferably out of a cardboard pirate ship.

"Everyone I know in Vancouver hates the Olympics. The Games are driving up an already astronomical cost of living, pushing the disenfranchised out of the city's center, and taking up all the parking. No one can afford tickets to anything, and transit of all kinds will be crippled for weeks."

Photo and poster image courtesy Amy Pederson.

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