VOD: A Window into a Homeless Life

Bamboo Charlie.
We all have stereotypes about homeless people, but Charles "Bamboo Charlie" Ray Walker is here to break them. Even in the "Homeless Capital of the World," Bamboo Charlie lives like no one else, as this amazing video from the LA Times makes clear.

Near the intersection of Los Angeles' busiest freeways, Charlie has carved out his own little oasis. Surrounded by walls of bamboo, Charlie's terraced domain feels like a combination between a garden and a playroom. Take a look at this slide show to see what I mean.

Here's an excerpt from an LA Times article about Bamboo Charlie:

"Homeless people have long struggled to fashion simple comforts from society's cast-offs. But few have done so with Walker's flair. His meticulously arranged found objects suggest a junkyard designed by Santa's elves or a post-apocalyptic Disneyland."


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