VOD: "Donald Draper, meet Barbie."

The hyper-stylized sixties aesthetics of AMC's hit Mad Men never seems to go stale. Their brand of mid-century Americana leaves us yearning for a simpler time of skinny ties and pencil skirts. We watch the show for sartorial inspiration and delight as much as we watch it for the smooth operations of lead man Donald Draper. And no one knows this better than LACMA. Last month, the museum hosted the event: The Creativity, Costumes & Style of Mad Men — a night dedicated entirely to Mad Men couture. The event included a conversation with Janie Bryant, the award-winning costume designer for Mad Men, and a runway of select pieces from the show. Even Barbie made an appearance. The fashion doll, manufactured by the Mattel Corporation since 1959, is celebrating the show's fourth season with a line of dolls inspired by characters from the television series (each selling somewhere in the neighborhood of $74.95). Here's a short film of the event and a look at the Barbie-Mad Men collaboration that made all these soon-to-be-released Don, Betty, Joan, and Roger miniatures possible.

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